Weekly Oxygen

You know you need to take better care of yourself but you are just so busy. After you have done all the things, for all the people, all the time, there is no time or energy left for you.

Are any of these part of your current reality?

  1. Chronic fatigue – no matter how much sleep you get, you still dread the alarm clock and have to drag yourself out of bed.
  2. Leisure sickness – as soon as you get a holiday, you get sick.
  3. Hormonal hell – the stress you are under is exacerbating your PMS.
  4. Loss of libido
  5. Increased alcohol consumption – you need your wine just to switch off your racing brain.
  6. Loss of productivity – you are working more hours than ever, but seem to get less done.
  7. Addiction to the adrenaline rush of being busy all the time.
  8. Feelings of guilt and selfishness when you consider taking more time for yourself.
  9. You have given up everything you used to enjoy in favour of work.
  10. You fantasise about a different life, but never take steps to improve the life you have.

I felt all of those things and I paid no attention to any of them and burned out. I lost my career and everything I had worked so hard for. I don’t want that to happen to you.

The number one thing I hear from women who burned out is “I wish someone had told me” and the number one thing I hear from women who know they need to take better care of themselves is “I don’t have time.”

I have developed Weekly Oxygen because I recognise that it is very difficult to find lots of time, in the midst of our busy lives, for self-care. We get stuck on all the “shoulds” and making changes – even though they would make us happier – seems overwhelming and undoable.

The question I am asking, though, is can you find 30 minutes a week for yourself?


Every Saturday I will send a 30 minute audio retreat to your inbox. I will guide you to think about your life and find ways to tend to your own needs, no matter what is going on in your life.  I will help you to question and deal with the all too common feelings of guilt and selfishness that arise, as well as the reactions of others, when you begin to focus on your own needs.

In just half an hour a week, as you listen to the audio retreat, do short pieces of writing using journal prompts and get still by practising short guided meditations , you will learn how to identify and prioritise your own needs and take simple baby steps, every week, to create a life that nourishes, rather than depletes you.

Think of me as your coach, permission giver and cheerleader rolled into one!

Wherever you are is exactly the right place to begin. Imagine how you will feel in a year’s time, having become clear about what you need to thrive and having taken small, consistent steps every week.

Self-care is not selfish, does not have to be overwhelming or involve big, scary changes.


Here’s what Grace said:

 Susan’s article on 10 signs you may be headed for burnout came up in my LinkedIn feed, ironically on an incredibly stressful Monday. Reading it made me realize that what I thought was depression and stress was actually self inflicted burnout due to my Type A people pleasing workaholism.  10 of 10 signs fit me. I’ve been the breadwinner for our family for the past 6 years, a mom to our boys, and with whatever little time or energy left over, a wife. Over time I let go of friends, hobbies, time for myself replacing everything with work until I had nothing left. I justified working a lot as necessary for our family, that more money would help our family, and that any failure would jeopardize our finances. Now I see the truth. It was a vicious cycle. I knew I was headed for a breakdown but Susan has opened my eyes and given me hope! Now I know what I was doing to myself and how to stop.  I am taking baby steps.

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