Oxygen for Women



Does your life feel like a huge to-do list? As soon as you cross off one item, do another five take its place?

Have you ever asked yourself, as you flop into bed, exhausted night after night, when is it my turn? When the alarm goes off in the morning, do you wonder how long you can keep up the pace? Do you long for a little time for yourself, but don’t have the energy for self-care, once everyone else’s needs are met?

We have all heard the advice given on airlines. In the event of an emergency, adults travelling with children are told to put on their own oxygen mask before putting one on their kids. This goes against our natural instinct. But we would do it, nonetheless, because we know we cannot help others if we are unconscious.

Similarly, you cannot keep giving to others if you are running on empty, unable to give yourself what you need to thrive in your life.

In the midst of a busy life, it is easy to lose sight of how you want to feel.

Taking time to take a breath and consider what you really want and establishing simple, gentle routines that take you there is the aim of this course.

What you will receive:

  1.  7 emails,  filled with inspiring quotes and original writing to get you thinking about your life. You will get the first e-mail the day after you subscribe, then one every three days after that, so you have time to go at your own pace, without it becoming another thing you don’t have time for!
  2. Workbooks containing exercises and journal prompts to help you focus on what you want.
  3. 5  short guided meditations to help you slow down and relax.
  4. An invitation to a private Facebook group of women who are feeling the same as you, to chat and to get (and give) support.  I also do live sessions twice a week to expand on the course material and answer questions.



If not now, then when?

In search of balance: how visiting 4 rooms every day may be the key.


Tending to the body


Tending to the mind


Tending to the emotions


Tending to the spirit


Putting it all together – creating a short, effective morning routine that fits your life.


Putting it all together – creating a short relaxing evening routine.

The course is ongoing so you can jump in anytime. I hope to see you in the Facebook group!


“The Oxygen for Women course was fantastic, it helped me clear my mind and focus on what I really want. It helped me through a time of severe stress and helped me make positive decisions for my future. I would highly recommend this course.” —Lorraine, Scotland

”The content of Oxygen for Women is well-structured, beautifully written and heartfelt. The workbooks were long enough to provoke thought and short enough to actually do! The course was a very good reminder, split into the different areas of one’s life, of the small things that make a difference.” – Carol, Norwich

”I learned how much I need to sit back and just be sometimes” – Bev, France

”Content was superb and spot on for the theme of the day. I thought the 15 minute timer for journaling was a great idea and I liked the option of guided meditations. I realised my priorities need to change, I learned I have trust issues and project this onto others or I shut myself down. I learned to accept and change what I can.” – Gill, Edinburgh


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