December Reflections 2017 Day 1 Early

Every December, Susannah Conway does a photo challenge December Reflections. You can read about it here

I have decided to set myself a challenge and take a photo every day and post a short blog post using the prompt.

2017 has been a year of change for me and this is a way to tie a bow around it before we move into 2018.

Day 1 Early

The first thing I do when I wake up is light a candle and burn some Nag Champa incense. There was an extra treat this morning as I got to open box 1 of my Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar! This has been sitting on my chest of drawers for 2 weeks and it took real self-control not to sneak a peak.

Then I write my morning pages, a tool from Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way. This is 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing which clears my mind for the day ahead. There are still 6 places available in my free Artist’s Way group – information and sign up here

Why is an early morning routine important?

I have had a morning routine for years, usually consisting of some combination of candles, incense, hot water and lemon, journaling, yoga and meditation. But, the busier I got and as the signs of burnout emerged, at the time when I MOST needed the peace and calm my routine brought, I let it slide.

Read my Thrive Global article on the 10 signs of burnout here

The value of a morning routine lies in deciding how you want to feel. As  I have slowed down to the speed of grace, I have reconnected to the practices that nourish me.

I no longer see them as things on my to do list, but as a way of orienting myself towards what is important to me. To live a life of my own creation, from the inside out.

Do you have a morning routine? What would help you set the tone for your day, early in the morning?



2 Replies to “December Reflections 2017 Day 1 Early”

  1. Looking forward to your photo/blogs this month 🙂 I never had a morning routine until about 6 months ago and I so need it now. It happened by fluke, I hadn’t been sleeping well for months so decided I would set my alarm 10 mins early instead of tossing and turning and do some yoga. I remember vividly how stiff I was and how only the most gentle practice was a go-er! Then as time went on I set my alarm 20 mins earlier and now do 15-20 mins yoga and 5 mins meditation, I am not at my desk 15 mins before start time of 7am now (a personal pride thing – stupid!!) but the benefits of taking that time for me before work out weigh it all! I hadn’t thought to burn incense in the morning, I love nag Champa and have it burning at night. A new addition to my morning thank you…….

    1. Hi Gill, it is amazing the difference those few minutes make, isn’t it? I think the secret is to start with 5 or 10 minutes as you did and then when we feel the benefits, we naturally want to increase. It took me ages to get over the thought that I “should” do it, which only meant I rarely did!

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