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Has your life become one big to-do list? As soon as you cross off one item, do another five take its place?

Have you ever asked yourself, as you flop into bed, exhausted night after night, is this all there is? When the alarm goes off in the morning, do you wonder how long you can keep up the pace? Do you ever worry that you are burning out?

I ignored the signs my body and mind were giving me and I did burn out, losing my career as a high school teacher in the process.

We are so good at caring for others, putting everyone else’s needs before our own. We have been brought up to be kind, caring and selfless.

We have all heard the advice given on airlines. In the event of an emergency, adults travelling with children are told to put on their own oxygen mask before putting one on their kids. This goes against our natural instinct. But we would do it, nonetheless because we know we cannot help others if we are unconscious.

Similarly, you are no use to others if you are dead tired, depleted, unconscious to what you need to thrive in your life.

We can only give to others if we are looking after ourselves FIRST. Otherwise, we become tired and resentful and make others feel guilty and uncomfortable.

We neglect our health, our pleasure and life becomes an endless round of joyless routine.

Taking time to look at your life and establishing simple routines that nourish you is the aim of this course. It is, indeed Oxygen for Women who put themselves last.

When the course launches, you will receive 7 daily emails filled with exercises, inspiring quotes and book suggestions designed to help you to think about your life, what is working and what needs to change. You will also be invited to a private Facebook group for this course to chat to and receive support from me and from other women going through the course. Using these tools, in a gentle, nurturing way, you can begin to create space for yourself, at the centre of your life.


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