December Reflections- Day 19 Brings me joy

Yoga brings me joy.

In January this year I started Yoga Revolution, a 31 day programme with Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It took me 117 days to complete it because I tried to push myself, rather than listen to my body.

This was a major turning point in my recovery from burnout. I learned to listen for the internal impulse to practise and slowly but surely I got stronger.

I have been able to progress to daily practice, a weekly 90 minute class and regular weekends of yoga at Samye Ling.

Yoga has my back, as Adriene says.

It is my daily dose of joy.

Adriene has another free programme beginning in January. You can sign up for it here

Give yourself some joy in January.

December Reflections Day 16 – Sparkle

I went to Edinburgh yesterday to the Christmas market. No festive trip to the capital is complete without a visit to Jenners, the department store established in 1838 and once known as The Harrods of the North, to see their Christmas tree.

The tree is a 40 ft Norwegian Spruce, sparkling with fairy lights, sitting proudly in the middle of the shop.

A real Edinburgh Christmas tradition and well worth a visit.

December Reflections Day 15 – Best decision of 2017

The best decision I made in 2017 was enrolling in Martha Beck’s writing course Write into Light. The course was run in 3 blocks of 5 weeks: Be the Truth, Be the Change and Be the Light. Martha gave us writing instruction,  incredible input and teaching and a writing assignment for 4 of the weeks in each block, with a 48 hour deadline which really focussed the mind!  On the 5th week of each block we had a Masterclass with Elizabeth Gilbert.

The course changed my life, quite literally. When we began I was just beginning to emerge from burnout and depression and had only written a few posts here. I was very worried about how my writing would be received or if anyone would want to read it.

I had had the distinct impression that my burnout was a call from my soul, that there was something I was meant to do in the world, the refusal of which was making me physically ill.  I think I actually knew what it was but I was too scared to show up and do it.

Doing the course helped me dig into what is true for me and develop my writing voice and the support and feedback gave me wings.  A highlight was when Martha chose one of my pieces to read out on the weekly feedback video. I have to admit I cried like a baby.  It helped me develop the confidence to send my writing out into the world for publication and the piece she read was published in Thrive Global here

I met women who feel like soul sisters and have become great friends. It has led to a cascade of things that I know are in alignment with who I am. In saying yes to this course , showing up and doing the work, I have stepped back onto my soul’s path that I had ignored for so long.

I am forever grateful.