Hello! I ‘m Susan.

I believed that women could have it all and I almost killed myself trying.

I ignored the signs my body and mind were giving me and I burned out, losing my career as a high school teacher in the process. The crazy thing was I had burned out before at the end of the 90s and never thought it would happen to me, AGAIN!

The truth was, I concentrated on my physical recovery the first time but went on to recreate all the conditions for my second burnout : Type A, high achiever, perfectionist, people pleaser.

As I recovered this time, I had to question everything I thought I knew. What I realised is that, like me, many women (and men!) push themselves too hard, usually because they are motivated to make a positive contribution to the world, but may be perilously close to burning out completely.

I know how devastating burnout is and I am on a mission to help people spot the signs and change their lives before they are forced to, as I was.

My tagline is “Slowing down to the speed of grace”. This sums up the journey I have taken in order to recover. I had to stop disregarding my body’s real needs, stop my mind pushing me on and on even though I was exhausted and begin to slow down enough to listen to the interior wisdom inside all of us that knows the way.

I want to share my own experience and tools for living a healthy life, from the inside out.

I run online Artist’s Way and Vein of Gold groups and am a contributing writer at Thrive Global, The Mighty and Poetry in Form. I am developing an e-course for women who put themselves last on the list. Details are here https://www.susantelford.com/coming-soon-free-7-day-e-course-oxygen-for-women/

I live in SW Scotland with my husband, 2 cats and a daft Cocker Spaniel puppy called Bella, that I now have the time and energy to walk!

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