The only 3 questions you need to answer to create a thriving life


Maybe you feel you are surviving, rather than thriving.
Maybe you are exhausted from taking care of everyone else’s needs and have forgotten your own.
Maybe a voice is starting to make itself heard telling you there is more to life than the hamster wheel of work and obligations.
Maybe you are drowning under the list of shoulds and expectations and just crave some time for yourself, without feeling guilty about it!
Maybe you have a dream but the critical voice in your head stops you from ever taking action. 
Maybe your inner voice is screaming “When is it my turn?????”
Whatever is calling for your attention, you know it’s time for change. You know this is “your one wild and precious life” and it will only be your turn, when YOU give yourself permission. 
No matter how scary it feels, you know, deep in your soul, that it is time for transformation, time to say YES to YOU, time to treat yourself with the loving kindness you give to everyone else.
It is time to LISTEN to that inner voice, uncover what you really want and bring your dreams into reality. It is time to create a life in which YOU thrive.
I can help you do that. I will support you as you work out what you really, really want and co-create a plan with you to take baby step after baby step towards a life you thrive in. 
Because imagine if the world was full of happy, conscious thriving women who follow their joy and create what they want in the world.
Imagine a world of women who knew they were only able to bring their best gifts to the world after they had nourished themselves, FIRST. 
Imagine a world of women who taught their daughters to do this too!
As the Dalai Lama said, these women might just save the world!
You deserve to be a conscious, joyful, thriving woman living in the fullest expression of yourself and I am here to help you become one!


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Hi, I am Susan Telford.

I am on a mission to help women thrive in their “one wild and precious life”.

I am passionate about encouraging women to put on their own oxygen mask first. We women are so good at taking care of others, we often need permission to tend to our own needs.

I want to empower you to create your best life, break through everything that is holding you back so you can thrive in your life and bring the gifts to the world that only the nourished, thriving version of you can bring.

I hold space for you to explore what matters most, give you support and accountability and the tools and resources you need to change your mindset, connect with your inner wisdom and take the tiny consistent actions that lead to massive changes, without sparking feelings of guilt and selfishness.

My approach is warm, intuitive, creative, supportive (yet challenging at times!) and my clients love my Scottish accent!

My clients and I laugh together, sometimes cry together and go on a soulful journey of transformation together.

My 1-1 coaching is custom made for you. I meet you where you are, explore where you want to go and more importantly how you want to feel.

Everyone’s journey is different, often surprising and always transformational.

This is why I love my work- I get to be the best version of me, supporting you to be the best version of you, co-creating the best world for everyone.

As Seen In


Our very first session gave me a realization so profound that I knew there was no going back. Susan has a way of sitting with you, allowing you to go within and find your own insights in a way I’ve never quite experienced before. When I began working with Susan, I was in the middle of a journey to really claim what it was I wanted to do and own my calling. I was stuck in a job that was big for my ego, but not for my soul. She allowed me to see that by using my own inner wisdom and by bringing out my true self, I could do anything I wanted to do. During our 12 weeks together, I felt more confident and willing to take on huge projects and knew exactly where I was going. By the end, I had produced my first music video and written my first screen play and had tools to keep going back to time and time again. My life has opened up in ways I could not have imagined, including finishing projects I had been working on for 4 years. It has given me the confidence to choose a different life path and believe in my internal compass…..finally. I highly recommend Susan.
Meagan Adele Lopez
I loved working with Susan for giving my soul a boost and the nourishment to fulfill me! So often, women spend enormous amounts of time giving and nurturing others to the depletion of their own souls. Working with Susan opened a portal to finding my way back to balance and self care. Susan has such gentle insights and warm wisdom that I felt cocooned in a safe place to delve honestly and deeply into my own constraints and emerge with self compassion and a plan to move forward. I plan to seek Susan’s counsel again, each season, to further nourish my growth and dreams. She is exceptional as a coach and mentor.
Wendy Wyatt


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