I’m Susan

I’m a writer and teacher who burned out and recovered by slowing down to the speed of grace. By that I mean, I have stopped using my mind to drive my body. I learned how to access and listen to an interior wisdom that is pure grace. I help women (and some men!) to pause and take a clear eyed look at their lives, to consider how they want to feel and by sharing the tools that helped me recover, support them in creating a life that nourishes, rather than depletes them.

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Hello! I ‘m Susan.

I believed that women could have it all and do it all and I almost exhausted myself trying.

I ignored the signs my body and mind were giving me and I burned out, losing my career as a high school teacher in the process. The crazy thing was I had burned out before at the end of the 90s and never thought it would happen to me, AGAIN!

The truth was, I concentrated on my physical recovery the first time but went on to recreate all the conditions for my second burnout : Type A, high achiever, perfectionist, people pleaser.

As I recovered this time, I had to question everything I thought I knew. What I realised is that, like me, many women push themselves too hard, because they are motivated to make a positive contribution to their families and communities, neglect their own needs and may be perilously close to burning out.

I know how devastating burnout is and I am on a mission to help women spot the signs and change their lives before they are forced to, as I was.

My tagline is “Slowing down to the speed of grace”. This sums up the journey I have taken in order to recover. I had to stop disregarding my body’s  needs, stop my mind pushing me on and on, even though I was exhausted and begin to slow down enough to listen to the interior wisdom inside all of us that knows what we need to live happy, healthy lives.

I use my experience of burnout and recovery and the tools I learned along the way, to support other women to create a life that nourishes, rather than depletes them.

I have developed a free e-course Oxygen for Women, for those who are thinking “What about me?” in the midst of their busy lives.

Learn simple strategies to tend to your body, mind and spirit so that burnout never becomes part of your vocabulary.

I also run online Artist’s Way and Vein of Gold groups and am a contributing writer at Thrive Global.

I live in SW Scotland with my husband, 2 cats and a daft Cocker Spaniel puppy called Bella, that I now have the time and energy to walk!

Let me send you my monthly Grace Notes and notifications of new offerings by e-mail

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