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Hi, my name is Susan and I am a recovered workaholic.

I believed that women could have it all and I almost killed myself trying.

I ignored the signs my body and mind were giving me and I burned out, losing my career as a high school teacher in the process.

As I recovered, I began to question everything I thought I knew. What I realised is that, like me, many women push themselves too hard and may be perilously close to burning out completely.

I write and teach on what overwhelm and burnout are telling us, if we slow down enough to listen.

I run an online Artist Way group and am a contributing writer at Thrive Global, The Mighty and Poetry in Form. I am developing an e-course for women who do too much. Please subscribe below to receive news of upcoming courses and new writing in your inbox.

I live in SW Scotland with my husband, 2 cats and a daft Cocker Spaniel puppy called Bella, that I now have time to walk!

What people are saying

“I was completely new to The Artist’s Way when I started the discipline with Susan.  Her easy encouragement and mentoring was central to supporting me in opening up to this experience – in uncovering the way forward for me out of a confining and “stuck” present life, toward a closer walk with the Creator on several levels   – and in reconnecting with my authentic self.
Her spirit of compassion as a facilitator is gentle and she was a continual companion to me when I was struggling, and when I was rejoicing!”
-Lila Anderson, Galveston Co., Texas

“Susan Telford is an organized and committed leader, She provided a safe, inspiring, space for us to nurture our recovering inner artists. A student of The Artist’s Way could not ask for better than to work through the course with Susan.”
-Lory Jackson, New Jersey

“Susan has transformed the book, The Artist’s Way into a holistic program. I have benefited a lot from the twelve weeks, thanks to her everyday suggestions, constructive discussion, and humane encouragement. Her ability to mentor shines through with her unique blend of kindness, diligence, and determination. Anyone ready to embark on the exciting journey of The Artist’s Way is sure to benefit from Susan’s wisdom and unconditional guidance.”
– Natasha Bhattacharya, Salzburg, Austria

“Susan was present as a co-creator in the re-awakening of my inner artist. She shared personal insights and challenges from her journey through The Artist’s Way, then shared the benefits with us. Susan was present, supportive, and consistent with encouragement. I am so happy I signed up and took this course! I have grown immensely in a variety of areas.”

 -Joanna Morefield, Washington State

“I came to The Artist’s Way group completely by fluke, almost not even knowing what I was signing up for. I am so glad I did as Susan has expertly led the group through the book with ease and grace, providing space for us as we go along, in the most generous manner.

– Mona Pal-Singh, London

“It’s almost impossible to describe my immense gratitude for Susan. 12 weeks ago we started “The Artists Way” and I can safely say that with Susan’s help my life has been changed for the better. Her guidance, thoughtfulness, willingness to work in a group, and encouragement has made it possible for me to implement major changes as well as stay on track with the program. Susan was a shining example of a group facilitator that understood there is no “I” in team. I never felt pressured, only encouraged. I am indebted to her for helping me change my life at a time where I felt like giving up.”

-Thomas Murphy,  New York


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