A vessel of the Divine?

I prayed

“Make me a vessel of the Divine.”

God laughed.

“That is like the rose asking me to make it a flower.”
Does the rose need my assistance to become a flower?
Which good works must it do to attain flowerhood?

All the rose can do is bloom, at its appointed hour
Unashamed to be a rose
unafraid to show her beauty.
Being only what she is.

You want to be a vessel of my love?
You are already that.

Now, bloom where you are planted
Be the variety of rose
Only you can be
In your garden, among the other flowers.

Some will show their thorns
They are as beloved
As those who perfume the world.

Stop looking outside yourself
Stop striving
The end of suffering is here
Closer than your breath
Will you give up all worlds
But this, appearing now?

Give up the search
Give up your longing
Be a rose.”


The River of Joy

Step into the river
Of love-soaked joy
It will carry you home

Silence monkey-mind objections
Loosen tight fingers of control
I gave you Eden
Accept my gift

Stop, now
Watch the trees
Leaves and branches moved by Love
Watch the rise and fall of your chest
Breathed by Love
Watch the actions of your body
Moved by Joy

Listen, now
The birdsong
Purring cat, rustling paper
Everything, here, now
For your pleasure

Taste, now
The bounty of nature
Sweet fruit, Divine nectar
For you, my love, for you.

Open all your windows
Smell salt sea air
Incense of the gods
Let me blow through you.

Let me touch you, now
Feel the light-filled bursts of joy
Erupting in your cells

I left my breadcrumbs
In the last place you thought to look
See them, now
Where they always were?
Here, now
Inside, outside
No difference.

Step into the river
Of love-soaked joy
It will carry you home.

Song of the Mother


Go slowly

Nestle under my wings

Breathe my breath

And sing my song

Love what is arising

All pain and sorrow

Are your lost children


To be loved at last

You are the one

They waited for

To love them

Embrace those discarded children

Whose behaviour you didn’t like

The lonely one

The angry one

The misunderstood one

The isolated one

The rejected one

The girl with the light in her eyes

Who hid herself away

Each one steps forward at last

Brave enough now

To offer themselves

To your loving embrace

Greet them all

Your beloved children

Braid their hair

Sing them songs of love

Oh my darlings

You are home

Welcome at last

Just as you are.

Fierce Grace 1


I swept into your life

Destroying all your carefully made plans.

I know you loved your achievements.

I know your intentions were pure.

But I heard your prayers to bring love to the world.

I took your offering at its word.

How could you hear the cries of a broken world

If you had not been broken?

How could you stand with the lonely

If you had never felt alone?

How could you speak with the powerless

If you had never known what it was to lose your own power?

Let go, my love, into the abyss of exhaustion.

Let go into the realm of everything gone wrong

Let go of who you thought you were

And become who you are

Deep in that abyss, I will meet you.

Swirling around you with my fierce, love-soaked grace.

Whisper my words

There is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong.

Soothe your mind as it barks its objections

Soothe your weary heart

Cradle yourself as your own beloved child.





Nothing to do, nowhere to go

Nothing to be.

Except who you are


My fierce grace is emptying you

Of all your striving

This fierce grace

Manifested in you, as you

Will illuminate a suffering world.

Fierce grace 2 – a villanelle


Do not be afraid of the fierceness of Grace

As she razes your house to the ground

She comes to reveal your original face.


As you blink back tears in this strange, new place

She will not leave you where you were found

Do not be afraid of the fierceness of Grace


She comes to teach life is not a race

No winners or losers on this holy ground

She comes to reveal your original face.


She breaks you down, she slows your pace

Frees you where you were bound

Do not be afraid of the fierceness of Grace


And in Her silence, you will find the space

Where peace and joy abound

She comes to reveal your original face.


Until, at last, there is no trace

No you, no Her, newfound

Do not be afraid of the fierceness of Grace

She came to reveal your original face.