Artist’s Way Discussion Group


A few years ago I bought The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. It is a “12 week course in discovering and recovering your creative self”. I worked through it as a way to unblock the creativity inside me. Julia introduces tools such as morning pages and artist’s dates as a way to free up the creative energy that is often locked away under layers of fear, self-doubt and insecurity.

The course is aimed at everyone who wants to be more creative, whether as writers, painters, actors, musicians or even if you just want to live a more creative life. It is an excellent tool for examining and releasing everything that is blocking us from expressing ourselves fully in the world.

I have been through the course a couple of times and have started it and abandoned it more times than I care to admit. So I had the idea to set up a private Facebook Group to work through the course with others.

If you are interested in joining me for support and accountability please go to 

and click Join Group.

I will leave enrolments open for a week, then change the group settings to Secret and we can get started.