There is nothing wrong

Can you see it, my love?

I know you are beginning to wake up.

Can you see what we have done together?

You are ready to trust.

Can you see the perfection of all the things you fought so hard against?

The pain of losing it all, the loneliness of chronic illness, the stripping away of all you thought defined you. You are beyond definitions.

The joy when the mind agreed that it was right, the pain from thinking things have gone wrong.

There is nothing wrong.

Nothing can ever go wrong in this perfection.

You are standing, now, on the threshold, knowing that your arrival here is inevitable.

In the quietness of your mind, in this vast still place, where you belong, from which you came and to which you return, you know the truth.

There is nothing wrong.

I will whisper it, in songs of love.

I will shout it , through screams of pain.

There is nothing wrong.

The heart slows, the mind stills, the eyes (our eyes) open, blinking in this new reality, as old as time.

Trust all that comes, love everything that arises as though you chose it.

You did.

Oh my sweet girl, there is nothing wrong.

You are free.

Down among the broken ones




Come down among the broken ones

Who gave their hearts away

Who tried to help, who tried to love

All those who came their way.


Come down among the lost ones

Whose way of being died

Who gave their all, till all was gone

And darkness lit their way.


Come down among the lonely ones

Who tried so hard to please

Who noticed when in need themselves

That all had gone away.


Come down, my love, and don’t be scared

For nothing is as it seems

Here in the depths of loneliness

Is the medicine you need.


Come down and feel your beating heart

The breath between your thoughts

Cradle your fragile, tender soul

And notice where you are.


The life you knew is over

Shed tears for all that seems lost

But notice too the birds and trees

You were once too blind to see


You had to lose the life you had

It hurts, I know, but soon

You will find yourself standing in the light

Of who you really are