Fierce Grace 1


I swept into your life

Destroying all your carefully made plans.

I know you loved your achievements.

I know your intentions were pure.

But I heard your prayers to bring love to the world.

I took your offering at its word.

How could you hear the cries of a broken world

If you had not been broken?

How could you stand with the lonely

If you had never felt alone?

How could you speak with the powerless

If you had never known what it was to lose your own power?

Let go, my love, into the abyss of exhaustion.

Let go into the realm of everything gone wrong

Let go of who you thought you were

And become who you are

Deep in that abyss, I will meet you.

Swirling around you with my fierce, love-soaked grace.

Whisper my words

There is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong, there is nothing wrong.

Soothe your mind as it barks its objections

Soothe your weary heart

Cradle yourself as your own beloved child.





Nothing to do, nowhere to go

Nothing to be.

Except who you are


My fierce grace is emptying you

Of all your striving

This fierce grace

Manifested in you, as you

Will illuminate a suffering world.

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