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17 years ago, I contracted M.E/CFS after a nasty flu virus. It took me 6 years to recover. Then, I went to university at the age of 43 and graduated with a degree in Maths and Teaching in 2009. I worked as a teacher for 7 years but in 2015 I became ill again.
I want to have a conversation about burnout and the overwhelm that many women are experiencing in today’s fast-paced world.
These are some of the things I hear that I used to say and now hear other women saying:
“I feel overwhelmed by everything I have to do.”
“I have no time for myself.”
“Is this all there is to my life?
“I am juggling so many balls: mother, wife, worker, friend and one day they are going to come crashing down.”
“I collapse in bed exhausted every night, then have to drag myself out of bed in the morning to do it all again”
“I don’t want to let anyone down.”
“How do I make changes without blowing up my whole life?”
“Am I selfish for thinking this way?”
“What is wrong with me anyway?”
“Everyone else seems to be coping.”
“I should try harder”
“But I promised myself no more ‘shoulds’.”
Do you relate to any of this?
Is there a better way?
I aim to write one blog post a week examining the ways we can relax and enjoy our lives, spot the signs of overwhelm and prevent burnout.
I want this to be the blog I wish I had read before I burned out.
As the Richard Bach said “You teach best what you most need to learn!”

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